My Cars

Turbocharged L28-powered 510

My first 510 was a 1971 4-door. I installed a turbocharged 2.8-liter motor, Turbo Toms high-output turbo system, and a 3-1/2" exhaust. I made a full roll cage with extra frame bracing. Carrera coil-over suspension with custom anti-roll bars was utilized on the front and the rear. Also a slotted rear subframe with enlarged exhaust hole, adjustable tension rods, 15-inch Panasport wheels and 280ZX brakes.

I installed a Mazda 13B rotary engine and did some custom body, paint, and interior work on this very early 1968 4-door.

This 1970 4-door 510 featured a very nice turbocharged L20B engine, a T5 5-speed transmission, a limited slip differential, and an adjustable suspension.

This 1972 4-door 510 had a 2-liter engine with Weber side drafts, and a beautiful Sikkens paint job.

This '72 2-door 510 had a Chevy V6 with twin turbos, twin intercoolers, and programmable engine management system with sequential EFI and crank-triggered direct ignition system. The engine was fully built for high-boost operation. It had a rock-crusher gearbox, an R180 3.90:1 limited slip, huge four wheel vented brakes, adjustable coil-over suspension, adjustable anti-roll bars, sticky Yokohama tires, and much more. What a blast this car was to drive!

Yellow Fever was my final and ultimate 510

1994 MR2 Turbo

1994 Celica

The Beast

V6 MR2


Mazdaspeed Miata


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