1994 Toyota Celica ST

I purchased this sixth generation Toyota Celica from the original owner, a friend / co-worker, in 2001. I liked it when she bought it because it was a hardtop with manual transmission and few options. I asked her when she sells it to please give me an opportunity to buy it, and seven years and 73,000 miles later, she did. It is a 1994 model with a production date of September, 1993, a very early 6GC.

To me, the sixth generation Celica has one of the best designs of any reasonably priced road car. The one thing I don't like is the front wheel drive layout. I spent a lot of time thinking about how to convert to rear wheel drive.

Celica in 2001

Immediately after purchasing the car I added the 2002 Celica GT-S wheels plus aftermarket springs and shocks. And I tinted the windows. I drove it that way for fourteen years, including trips all over the USA, with few problems.

Celica at Cadillac Ranch in 2009

In 2015, at 120,000 miles, it was time for a polyurethane paint job. First I disassembled the car including removing all fixed glass. I also shaved the antenna and the emblems.


During reassembly, I found a leaking CV boot. I ended up changing both axles, the clutch, the timing belt, the water pump, and the washer pump.

After new paint and before window tint


In 2016 I installed Megan Street Coilovers and I did a full Celica GT brake system conversion including front and rear rotors and calipers plus the proportioning valve.

With coilovers and new brakes

In 2018 I installed a full custom exhaust system.

Celica at Stone Mountain


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